iCIMS Talent Platform

iCIMS' platform combines web portals reaching millions of applicants with an administrative interface providing tools to thousands of HR professionals to manage these applicants.

I began at iCIMS using HTML and CSS to style clients' web portals to match their websites' look and feel, in addition to building custom web forms for their application processes. This forced me to "view source" on countless websites and build a strong foundation in understanding CSS cascade and working with production CSS in the wild.

Shortly afterward, I began contributing to the source code behind both of these products, making the underlying markup XHTML-valid, SEO and accessibility-oriented. I wrote new templates for the custom forms to take them from table-based layouts to CSS-based layouts to better separate the presentation layer.

Next came a large effort to convert the entire admin interface from IE-only compatibility to reach users on their browsers and platforms of choice. Making an actual front-end architecture and better separating concerns allowed us to implement a theming system for personalization of the UI. This helped the organization realize the value of front-end development and I became further involved in implementing new features.

Toward the end of my time at iCIMS, I became involved in prototyping and feature design, conducting guerilla usability tests to substantiate design decisions.

Front-end development