AutoGraphs is a tool for comparing up to three cars visually by physical dimensions (something that may be handy for those who have to park in tight spaces). It also compares along the more common metrics such as fuel economy and performance, through interactive graphs and charts.

AutoGraphs is an early experiment with the HTML canvas tag. HTML canvas allows you to draw shapes programmatically with JavaScript and was shortly after popularized by the Google Chrome browser and HTML5 spec. At the time I was becoming too comfortable with the MooTools JavaScript framework so I wanted to build something sophisticated in vanilla JavaScript without relying on a toolkit. The downside of this is AutoGraphs is relatively devoid of animation or slick transitions. It is however progressively enhanced from a simple tabular comparison in browsers without canvas support that can also be activated by choice for the visually impaired. It is driven by JSON data over XHR (AJAX) but the core functionality is accessible without JavaScript enabled.

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