GLG News

GLG News is a website built in ASP.NET MVC where users who provide expertise are empowered to give their take on a current topic in the news and have it published to GLG's public website (link). This gives prospective clients a sample of the kind of expertise GLG makes available through paid membership, while also lifting the author's own profile on the web through the GLG brand.

The site provides rich text editing tools for authors to compose their analysis. A delicate balance has to be struck in terms of features available to content creators and consistency to be upheld on the reading experience on the other end. While we want to cater to every request from the content generator, care has to be taken to limit potentially destructive HTML and styles from making it through the UI.

FCKeditor, a third party rich text editor plugin, was used as the base of the text editors in GLG News, which are then themed and extended to allow for inline spellchecking. In a final proofreading step, the author is allowed to refine companies and stock tickers detected in the article, helping to make it more discoverable. Authors can also link to their Twitter or Facebook account to notify their friends and followers when each analysis has been posted.

Front-end development
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