The Shoshin Project

The Shoshin Project is a CMS-driven media website that contains interviews and analysis from industry leaders collected into editions by theme. The creative direction is a brochure-like experience with graceful transitions between pages and navigation states. In order to deliver that experience, The Shoshin Project is a single-page web app in a browser, driven entirely by JavaScript. I built the JavaScript architecture behind the site and helped design the transitions between states.

Navigation works via a hashchange event which is a change in the location bar detected by the browser, not the server. On every hashchange, an appropriate JavaScript controller gets called based on some simple routing rules. The request is checked against a growing cache of data on the client, and if it's not there it is fetched from a web service and delivered as JSON, subsequently cached. The data then hydrates jQuery HTML templates and appends these new elements to the page, revealing them through transitions

The Shoshin Project also serves as a technical prototype in the direction of HTML5 mobile web apps, where a page refresh is an expensive action, and data should be pulled from the server only as needed and cached aggressively due to connectivity and bandwidth limitations.

There is certainly an SEO concern with a JavaScript-driven website, and this is mitigated by following Google's AJAX crawling standard and providing fallback HTML snapshots of the web pages to search engines. The AJAX crawling convention from Google is gaining traction and has been implemented by sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Serbo-Croatian translation available courtesy of Jovana Milutinovich from

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